Invoices and statements are issued electronically via email in pdf format.


We do not mark-up special order hardware and software. This practice helps to ensure the confidence of our clients.

A 125% purchasing deposit is required upon request for select projects. The deposit amount is figured based off of anticipated expenses only – not labor. Deposit will be applied to all open invoices after completion and billing of your project. Any remaining funds will be promptly refunded on the same day of your project’s billing.


Refunds provided via business check (drawn from a US account), delivered by the applicable postal service.

Third Party Collaboration

We frequently interact with our clients’ vendors on their behalf in order speed projects along and to minimize hassle.

To ensure the integrity of the information provided by third parties, as well as to keep costs and completion times to a minimum, we strongly recommend that that information be conveyed in an instant, written format such as e-mail.

Though strongly discouraged, we will collaborate with third parties using less effective means such as phone, mail or telegram so as long as the client understands that 1) time spent collaborating using these means will be billed at double our normal rate and must be paid in advance, 2) the project being worked on will likely take far longer to complete and 3) no guarantee can be made regarding the validity of the project since less effective means of communication usually afford no accountability as to the accuracy of the information provided.

Time spent making corrections to projects made necessary by inaccurate or incomplete information provided by third parties will be considered billable.

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